2019-07 FSU: Dynamic Perspectives in Education - Smith
Time: 7/8/2019 to 8/9/2019 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Dynamic Perspectives in Education [SPED 9005]
For ACE MV, FSU M.Ed. Students Only. 

This course brings together candidates across programs to examine issues facing educators today. Focal points will include curricular and instructional decisions, legislative mandates, diversity and special education. Examining personal biases and clarifying individual perspectives to develop professional empathy will be an integral part of the course.

This course asks students to analyze the philosophical underpinnings of the common issues that affect the instructional practices of teachers and the decisions made by instructional leaders.  This course focuses on relevant topics that are currently shaping education today. In doing so, candidates will identify and analyze the effect of these issues on the stakeholders and the eventual outcome of the interplay between instructional practices and instructional leadership.

Course Instructor:          Dr. Tricia Smith, Visiting Associate Professor

Class Meetings:              Online

Office: Online:               Online

Telephone:                       617-413-6347

Contact Information:     psmith@fitchburgstate.edu; tsmith53@aol.com

Office Hours:                  Online, upon request at convenience of student